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Blue collar jobs
Blue collar jobs
Skilled positions
Blue collar jobs
Unskilled positions

Hiring fee

Hiring fee:

The hiring fee consists of the following: the wage of the employee and the fee according to a previous agreement. The wage of the employee means: the salary of the worker, allowances, premium, overtime, holiday, sick lave and the additional common charges: health contribution, social insurance, employer benefit, training allowance, rehabilitation allowance.

Temporary employment

Do you need manpower for a longer period?

During temporary employment, we undertake that we are going seek and transfer the labour that meets the requirements of our Clients the most. The transferred workers will not enter into a contract with Human Master Europe Kft. but with its new employer, the Client.

Search process:

  • defining the potential target group, together with the Client.
  • creating a list about the target group, informing the Client.
  • contacting the potential workers.
  • selecting those ones who meet Your requirements after the aptitude test.
  • The personal documents and the searching report of the most qualified people will be sent to You.
  • Introducing the applicants.

Transferring fee:

  • In case of skilled or semi-skilled workers: one month gross salary + VAT
  • In case of white collar workers: two months gross salary + VAT
  • In case of managers: maximum 20% of the annual gross salary + VAT.

The fee can vary from time to time; it depends on the volume and term of the order.

Our service is cost-free until we find the most appropriate colleagues for you. The labour transfer is covered by a guarantee that is 1- 3 months.