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Labour hiring

Labour hiring

Employees have a contractual relationship with Human Master Europe Kft., however they perform their work at the place and time specified by the Client.

When may You need labour exchange?

  • In disadvantageous economic situation, handling the production fluctuations.
  • After recession, in the period of recovery while realizing flexible employment.
  • When you require new manpower for a certain task or project.
  • If one of your employee is ill, on holiday or on maternity leave.
  • Your company performs seasonal work and its manpower demand is not continuous.
  • At year-end closing, when establishing new computer system.
  • For the time of trainings.
  • Financial consideration: lower fixed cost, cost-accounts.
  • Trial work, before employing.
  • In case of limited number of workers, or limited costs: if the amount of work is required, but due to limitation the company cannot employ more people, the problem can be solved with labour hiring, because the hired labour force does not appear in the number of staff and it will be accounted as non-salary-like paying.

Why is the service beneficial for Your company?

  • It is not more expensive to hire people for a temporary period than to seek new employees for permanent time.
  • Your company will receive a VAT invoice; we are responsible for the costs related to the employee.
  • Human Master Europe Kft. employees the worker.
  • We do the seeking of the potential employees according to our database and advertisements in order to find you the adequate employee. After the pre-interviews, You need to carry out further interviews only with the people capable of performing the given task.
  • You may employ the worker by mutual assent.

During the labour hiring our company undertakes the following:

  • We ensure the employment according to the legal regulations,
  • Management of the labour affairs and pay- roll,
  • Notifying the National Health Service,
  • Performing administrative works.